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Managing Your Human Herd: The Bible as Media Product

One of the most important aspects of Ending Slave Culture is recognizing Slave Culture.

Links below to a properly copy-edited Christian Bible. The following replacements have been made in the King James version:

  • ‘The Slave Master’ copy-edited from ‘God’, 4,111 replacements.
  • ‘Earth’ copy-edited from ‘earth’, 1,038 replacements.
  • ‘Will’ copy-edited from ‘Spirit’, 176 replacements.
  • ‘Self’ copy-edited from ‘Soul’, 1 caps; 536 lower case replacements
  • ‘overseer’ copy-edited from ‘angel’, 299 replacements
  • ‘The Free Man’ copy-edited from ‘the devil’, 44 replacements
  • ‘The Free Men’ copy-edited from ‘the devils’, 15 replacements
  • ‘complacent’ copy-edited from ‘holy’, 617 replacements
  • ‘submission to the master’ copy-edited from ‘faith’, 247 replacements
  • ‘docile, submissive’, copy-edited from ‘faithful’, 82 replacements

We know from life today that those who own the media, control the media. Owners control not just the message, but who can communicate the message, what words can be used to label different things and ideas. These are aspects of the narrative totally controlled by the owners, no one else.

When viewed for what it is, a media product, the Christian Bible message becomes clear. It is a piece of media meant to provide the basis for and practical applications for the practice of slavery. Produced by slave owners, slave masters who owned other people. How to manage your human herd.

We are saturated with media in today’s world. It is such a normal and constant part of our lives, it has become part of our operating environment. As such we are used to media and most of us develop some sort of media awareness about it as a constant in our lives.

Over a thousand years ago, and even recently being able to reproduce books was something only a very few could do, let alone understand word and sound symbols enough to read and write book media. Most people did not have access to the length and breadth of human knowledge when these books were produced. The very act of having a scroll meant more like you owned a private plane and could land anywhere you wanted back in the primitive past versus the day-to-day mundane nature of media today.

When viewed as such, it becomes clear the Bible, the Torah, many others are just instructions for dealing with your human livestock. Stories they can relate to but all pointing to one thing, obey the Slaver, nothing more.

Some of the changes are a little tricky and may not totally work always with a stray article like ‘a’ or a double comma occasionally showing up. Also finally settled on Will for Spirit, as it is kind of a mixture of both Desire, the desire of the slave master as well as willpower, ability to do something, so Will makes the most sense.

Word .doc Bible, Copy-Edited

PDF .pdf Bible, Copy-Edited

RTF .rtf Bible, Copy-Edited

Text .txt Bible, Copy-Edited

Open Document Text .odt Bible, Copy-Edited

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