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Easter Is Evil

The Bible is just another piece of media, someone had to pay for it to be created and distributed. In Rome, when this thing was created, Slave Masters ruled the Earth.

Our latest, most up-to-date scholarship indicates the Christian religion was created by the Romans to try to deal with Judea and the Jews who refused to be ruled from Rome.

Christianity was Roman propaganda meant to create a narrative to pull Jews away from their leadership and into the Roman’s arms, or at least more compliant with Roman Slave Master wishes. They hated the Jews who lived with the idea of being freed slaves. This attitude created all sorts of schism’s with Rome, whose entire economy was based upon owning slaves.

In a very real way, the Bible is just a handbook for Slaves and Slave Masters who were specifically targeting the Jews who would not and could not be tamed by Rome. So everything in the Bible is meant to create compliant, easy to manage serfs while denigrating anything the Jews held sacred.

Easter is one of the most evil of all Roman attacks upon the old Jewish people. It happens during Passover which just so happens to be the remembrance of the struggle and victory to be free from slavery, servitude to the Pharaoh’s. Passover is a liberation celebration but one rooted in pragmatic reality, not exuberant, in the face of their former masters but one that seeks to temper their anger in losing their slaves. Saying Jews had both determination and luck, the fortune of god on their side to escape slavery. So their god wanted them to be free versus the Pharaoh’s who said they were gods or the descendants of the gods so therefore all others must obey them as slaves/inferiors.

To the Romans this was of course the most toxic and repugnant of Jewish customs, this remembering and bringing forth the story of liberation from masters.

Slave masters want only one thing: Control

Nothing is more toxic to control freaks than talk about liberty in any context but especially so as a celebration! Passover was a prime target for the Roman State propagandists.

Their creation, Easter, is a “holiday” that celebrates not liberty but slavery.

Let’s deal with the big picture: Easter is about a subject of Rome willingly going to his death if his masters demand/ask it, while Passover is about leaving the masters behind.

In the Christian fairy-tale, the slave Christ’s reward was being reborn three days later, miraculously. See, even if the masters send you to your death, good things can still happen! Be a loyal slave to Rome and all will be well.

Contrast to the Jewish tale of Passover with the difficulties to first become free, then to maintain that liberty from masters, a struggle. Not easy but worth the effort.

Christianity is such an obvious scam: suffer today, break your back, obey others blindly so when you die you go to heaven, wow! So it does not matter today, tomorrow heaven, yay!

Look at Christ he went to be strung up, nailed to boards tortured to death then came back to life from his strong faith in the slave-masters religion, golly gee whiz isn’t that great, it all worked out in the end! Obey the masters, wooo!!

We also know the Romans were also crude in many ways, orgies, puking up food to eat more food, body slaves, they were not exactly refined by today’s standards. They also loved their insults, especially the ruling classes over the slave and lower classes.

The story of this Christ guy going to die at the command of his Roman masters is the injury. The Roman’s insult is the pig’s ass.

Many are familiar with the Jewish prohibition about eating pigs. They sloth about in filth, living in shit constantly, enjoying it. Their asses rest in mud and poo all day long for most of their lives. Plus back in the day cooking away all the diseases, bacteria they carried was not easy and many got sick from eating what really is not a food animal for creatures like us.

For the Romans the best way to add insult to injury to the Jews was to promote the idea of eating Ham, a Pig’s Ass during Passover. The part of a dirty and disgusting animal that not only sits in shit, but produces shit from the animal.

Again with the control freak agenda: if you can convince someone to eat shit or an animal that lives in shit against their own best interests, you control and own them. They will do whatever you tell them as slaves in the same way they will march to the gallows to their deaths if you simply command it.

Easter is 100% one of the most vile and evil things ever created, meant to enslave you and make you eat shit. Easter. Wrapped it up on innocent fuzzy little creatures with bright colors to divert your attention from the ugly core, the truth of your self-enslavement.

Even the chocolate eggs are representative of rabbit shit, so eat those little ‘eggs’ kiddo’s! Enjoy feeding your children a stand-in for eating shit. Damn, it’s even the right color and consistency.

There you have it, Easter is a primitive propagandists effort to denigrate Jews and liberty while convincing others to become obedient slaves themselves.

Do not accept Slave Culture no matter how well entrenched.

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